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2014 Calendar :: Free Download

Slightly behind getting the free 2014 editable calendar up this year. We have been digging ourselves out of a “Polar Vortex” full of 18″ of snow and sub zero temperatures. I loved the extra time I was able to spend with my little ones but it’s nice to get back to work.

Anyways back to the reason you’re here, our free 2014 Calendar. Some of you may have noticed the 2013-2014 school year calendar I posted back in September. My original plan was to extend that version into a full 2014 calendar, but that would be way too easy. Soooo, I ditched the old design for the most amazing calendar yet. I am in LOVE with this calendar! It is so bright and cheery, plus it includes one of my favorite trends right now – confetti.

2014 Free Calendar with editable text areas | 505-design.com

Along with the full 12 month calendar download I have also included a zip file with each month separated. I hope you enjoy the free 2014 calendar download!

2014 Free Calendar with editable text areas | 505-design.com

Download Options
2014 Calendar – Full 12 Months
2014 Calendar – Separate Months

Not only can you add your own text to these beauties you can also change the font, size and color!
Simply hit Crtl+E (cmd+E on Mac) or View > Tool Bars > Properties Bar

***Please note, these items are designed to be viewed in the latest version of Adobe Reader. {For all my MAC friends, the editable text areas will not work in Previewer} Click here to download Adobe Reader.

Good luck staying organized in twenty fourteen!!

Cathy C

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Elf on the Shelf North Pole Breakfast – 2013

Christmas is right around the corner, can you believe it?  This Saturday our elf on the shelf Chippy finally came back and brought a fabulous “candy breakfast” for my two little sweeties.  Normally, Chippy and me have all our shit together.   This year we are a hot mess.  After searching the basement for 3 hours I found our elf on the shelf hiding in a Christmas Cookie tin.  Exactly where I would hide if I wanted to stay near the Christmas stuff  but in a place where no child dare look…if I was a magical elf of course.   Once Chippy was found (1 AM) it was time to create a magical North Pole Breakfast.  I whipped up a printable sign and letter using elements from an old Christmas design (it’s now pushing 2AM).  The super awesome breakfast consisted of powder sugar doughnuts, peeps on a pretty red and white lollipop stick, Hershey kisses,  candy canes, hot chocolate and milk in a fancy bottle dipped in sugar (hallelujah it’s 3am, and I am finally done!). Ooops, Chippy forgot to get the kids a gift.   Everyone was up early (of coarse they were) and super excited to see that there friendly elf on the shelf had indeed not forgot them this holiday season.

Elf on the Shelf Breakfast by 505-design.com

Elf on the Shelf Breakfast by 505-design.com

Elf on the Shelf Breakfast by 505-design.com

Elf on the Shelf Breakfast by 505-design.com

Elf on the Shelf Breakfast by 505-design.com

With all of the madness, scrambling around and lack of gifts my kids both thought this was the “best breakfast Chippy has ever brought us”.  Seriously? I almost feel foolish for the hours I spent last year getting everything together.  All they really wanted was powder doughnuts, who knew.

Free Elf on the Shelf by 505-design.com

Here are the free printables I used, good luck creating your own magically elf awesomeness.

***Please note, these items are designed to be viewed in the latest version of Adobe Reader. {For all my MAC friends, the editable text areas will not work in Previewer}
Click here to download Adobe Reader.
Made by 505 Design+Paperie and customized by you.

Enjoy! Cathy C


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2013-2014 School Year Printable Calendar :: Free Download

School is back in session and my mind is filled with a million things to remember – times two.  Last year I drove myself crazy trying to keep a handle on which days to return library books, pack gym shoes, turn in homework, pack a lunch or buy lunch, bagel day, half days or early dismissals – it was all too intense. When I inevitably forgot something – which I did several times – my Type A personality had a near melt down.  After months of going off the deep end we installed a school drop zone in the den (more on that later).   The most crucial part of our Kiddie Command Center is my beloved calendar, this beauty keeps me on track like nobodies business.

Editable School Calendar by 505-design.com

In a nut shell here is how I organize our printable calendar.

1. I use the initials of each child to determine which kiddo has something to do on any given day.

2. I write all important dates for the whole year – school breaks, half days and so forth.  Both of my kids teachers happen to give us a sheet at the beginning of the year – super helpful for this OCD mom.

3. Every month I sit down and fill out school specials (which change quarterly for my oldest), hot lunch schedule, snack days for my little guy, the dates and times of any sports they are playing and so on.

4. I print it out and post it on the cork board – any birthday invites or schedule changes are written in by hand.

The editable calendar is honestly a lifesaver for keeping me on track of multiple schedules.  I hope you find it just as useful.

Free 2013-2014 Calendar by 505-design.com

Download the 2013-2014 School Year Calendar

Not only can you add your own text to these beauties you can also change the font, size and color!
Simply hit Crtl+E (cmd+E on Mac) or View > Tool Bars > Properties Bar

View our free 2014 calendar here

***Please note, these items are designed to be viewed in the latest version of Adobe Reader. {For all my MAC friends, the editable text areas will not work in Previewer} Click here to download Adobe Reader.

Enjoy! Cathy C

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Motorcycle Party :: Another Happy Customer

My good friend Monica at Andary Studio’s came to me last year to design a  Collection for her sons upcoming  Motorcycle Birthday Party.  I jumped at the chance because I knew the design would be a hit for “kids” of all ages.  She wanted to stick with black and orange to play off the Harley Davidson colors.  I added gray and a diamond plate pattern to the design to give it a tough guy feel.

Motorcycle Party Invitation by 505-design.com

Motorcycle Party Favors | by 505-design.com

The favor boxes were filled with black sunglasses, a flame bandanna and some sweet treats for each kid.

Harley Davidson Party by 505-design.com

Tracy from Tracy’s Sweet Treats created flame cupcakes- I love how they turned out!

Motorcycle Birthday Banner by 505-design.com

Harley Davidson Motorcycle Party by 505-design.com

 The birthday boy loved everything and I am so happy that I was able to be a part of his special day.

If you are interested in hosting your own Motorcycle Party – check out our full printable party collection.

Printable Motorcycle Party by 505-design.com

Thanks for stopping by! Cathy C.

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Boys Invitations :: New to the Shop

The summer is almost over and I just wanted to share some of the fun invitations that I added to the shop in the last few months.  Since the last New to the Shop post was all about the girls this one will focus on the boys.

Vintage Baseball Boys Invitation by 505 Design+Paperie

Vintage Baseball Invitation

Boys Popsicle Invitation by 505 Design+Paperie

Boys Popsicle Invitation

Surfs Up Boys Invitation by 505 Design+Paperie

Boys Surfs Up Invitation

Mickey and Minnie Invitation by 505 Design+Paperie

Mickey Minnie Invitation

Star Wars Jedi Invitation by 505 Design+Paperie

Star Wars Jedi Invitation

Boys Sports Invitation by 505 Design+Paperie

Boys Sports Themed Invitation

I hope everyone is enjoying the last few days of summer.

Thanks for stopping by! Cathy C

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Jacqueline’s Bake Shop Party

So I’m a little behind on the bloggy, per usual and needed to scratch that HAVE to get all of these wonderful party photos up and on the site. First up is the Bake Shop party I had for my daughter’s 5th birthday. To date, this party tops the list of all time favorite projects. I think what made it so fun is two very important elements.
1. The kids had a blast decorating cakes and were so proud of there creations.
2. Everyone stayed very busy with all the fun activities we planned.

Baking Party Printable | by 505-design.com

Bake Shop Party | by 505-design.com

Bake Shop Invitation | by 505-design.com

The party was held at our house with 15 of  my daughters closest friends.  I moved the table out of our eating area, added two banquet tables and set up the Bake Shop.

Baking Party  | by 505-design.com

I found a great tutorial on how to make the chefs hat over at The First Grade Parade. Very simple and inexpensive, all you need is tissue paper, post board and tape.  The white aprons where purchased at KNG International.  Each apron was personalized with a printable stickers (included in the party package) and my super crafty mom added ruffles for the girls.

Baking Party Chef Hat | www.505-design.com

Now it was time to decorate. Each guest received there very own cake and 3 tubes of frosting to decorate with. The boys had chocolate, blue and orange while the girls were supplied with pink, purple and orange (by request of the birthday Princess).

Baking Party Chef Hats | by 505-design.com

 Honestly, how cute are they in their little chef outfits?!

When everyone was done I snapped a picture of each little cutie showing off there cake  – look at how proud they were.

Baking Party | by 505-design.com

Baking Party | by 505-design.com

If you are interested in hosting your own baking party the printable party package is now available in The Shop.

Printable Bake Shop Collection | by 505-design.com

Thanks! Cathy C


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Countdown to Disney Calendar

We’re going to Disney!!!! My kids are over the moon with excitement (I am too) and have been asking non stop everyday, “When are we leaving”, “How long til we go”, “Can we go tomorrow…I’m bored”. Instead of checking my calendar and counting the days with them I decided to create this fun and colorful countdown to disney calendar.  My design inspiration came from the bright colors of the new Disney Art of Animation hotel that opened last year at Disney World.  The printable file includes the Countdown to Disney page along with the numbers 1-31 plus a mickey graphic for the day that you leave.  I also created a Disneyland printable for all of the west coast travelers.

Countdown to Disney Calendar | 505-design.com

Our Countdown to Disney Calendar is displayed on the cork board in our kitchen so the kiddies can see it every single day.  I placed the countdown sheet in a page protector and I use sticky tack to attach the number to the sheet. The cut out numbers in a goody bag that I cut down to size.

Countdown to Disney Calendar | 505-design.com

You can download your own Countdown to Disney World or Disneyland here.

Thanks for stopping by! Cathy C.

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New to the Shop :: Girls Party Invitation

I cannot believe the amount of custom orders I have completed this past month. Everything from invitations, full party packages or customizing colors for packages that I currently have listed. Here are a few of the items that are newly listed in the shop.

Glam Camping Invitation | 505-design.com

Girls Glam Camping Invitation

Minnie Mouse Invitation | 505-design.com

Minnie Mouse Invitation

Vintage Barbie Invitation | 505-design.com

Vintage Barbie Invitation

Princess Popstar Invitation | 505-design.com

Barbie Princess Pop star Invitation

Thanks! Cathy C.

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Valentine’s Day Lunch

This is the first time my little sweetheart will be away for Valentine’s Day so I want to make sure her day is extra special.  I’m planning a heart shaped lunch with all her favorites – jelly sandwich, strawberries, cucumbers and chocolate milk.

Valentine's Day Lunch Ideas

To create these cute heart shaped strawberries simply cut the tops off and cut a small v-shape in the center.

Valentine's Day Heart Shaped Strawberries

Valentine's Day Heart Shaped Strawberries

Valentine's Day Heart Shaped Cucumber

Heart Shaped Cucumbers created using a mini cookie cutter

Valentines' Day Lunch Ideas

Valentines' Day Lunch Ideas

Happy Valentine’s! Cathy C


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Valentine’s Day Free Printable

Who doesn’t love a freebie?  I designed these sweet Hershey kiss candy circles as Valentine’s Day gifts for my kids teachers.  For my son the modern red and dark gray “Heart Breaker” set.

 Download the Heartbreaker Candy Circles HereFree Heart Breaker Candy Circles | 505-design.com

And for my little lady a precious light pink and gray “Sweet Heart” set.

Download the Sweet Heart Candy Circle Set Here

Free Hershey Candy Circles | 505-design.com

Free Valentine's Day Printable | 505-design.com

Happy Valentine’s Day! Cathy C

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Football Tailgate Party

My brother-in-law and sister are huge football fans so it was no surprise that they requested a football themed party for my nephew’s 3rd birthday.  His birthday falls right around the start of football season so they set the date for opening day.

Customized Football Party | www.505-design.com

Football Party | www.505-design.com

Dean’s Tailgate

Football Party Drink Labels | www.505-design.com

Blue Gator aid with drink labels and matching striped paper straws.

Football Party | www.505-design.com

Football slow cooker and helmet  chip and dip bowl.

Football Party Cake | www.505-design.comThese wonderful football cakes were created by the birthday boys Grammy. One for the party guest and one for my nephew who happens to have an egg allergy.

Football Party | www.505-design.com

Everyone came dressed for the Big Game and the party went off without a hitch.

If you are interested in hosting your own Football Tailgate Party,
check out the shop for the Customizable Printable Collection

Printable Football party Collection | ww.505-design.com

Enjoy! Cathy C

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Super Bowl 2013 Printable Football Labels

Football fans and party goers alike are drawn to Super Bowl gatherings.  Weather you are in it for the food, socialization or the Big Game Super Bowl parties have reach beyond the love of football and are one of the top at-home parties of the year.  What makes these events so fun to attend  is a relaxed and unpretentious atmosphere.  To help you create the perfect party I designed some wonderful {and free} football printables.  The folded cards can be edited in Adobe Reader or printed blank so your guest can fill them in when they arrive.  No more guessing what’s in that bowl.

Free Football Folded Card | www.505-design.com

Wanna impress your husband, boyfriend or crush when you sit down to watch the big game? Here’s a few little fun facts to help you out.

Fun Fact #1: Super Bowl XLVII aka Super Bowl 2013 aka Super Bowl 47, will be played in New Orleans, Louisiana
Fun Fact #2:  The Baltimore Ravens will face off against the San Francisco 49ers
Fun Fact #3: The head coach of the Ravens (John Harbaugh) and the head coach for the 49ers (Jim Harbaugh) are brothers.  Crazy, I know!!!
Fun Fact #4: Both teams are undefeated when it comes to playing the Super Bowl.  The 49ers have successfully won all 5 previous Super Bowls they have competed in and the Ravens won there only previous Super Bowl appearance in 2001.

Now that you you have successful won your man over with amazing football knowledge, feed his belly with some delicious treats and wow your guests with your amazing hosting skills. Happy Super Bowl!

Click Here to Download!!

Free Football Food Labels | www.505-design.com

thanks! Cathy C.