Free Printable 2012 Calender {with editable text}

Are you ready for 2012? Okay that’s a silly question since it’s already here but I final finished up our pretty free 2012 printable calander – with text areas you can edit yourself.   You simply type in the events for each day – up to five line and save it to your computer or print it out to hang on the wall.  I hope 2012 brings lots of  love and prosperity your way, enjoy!

Looking for the 2013 version?

Free 2013 with text Areas you can edit

Click here to download

Free Printable 2012 Calendar

View our free 2014 calendar here

***Please note, these items are designed to be viewed in the latest version of Adobe Reader. {For all my MAC friends, the editable text areas will not work in Previewer}
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Cathy C.


  1. 4

    Truth Mama says

    Hi! Thank you for this! I’m using it in a home management binder I’m geeking out on right now!

  2. 5

    Ingrid Jakobsson says

    I really do hope that you will make a 2013 version of this calendar! I am absolutely in love with it! However, I must admit I like the 2012 version a lot better than the 2011. Keep yp the good work 😀

  3. 9

    Lindsey says

    Will we be privileged enough to receive a free printable 2013 calendar :)

    MERRY CHRISTMAS and a very Blessed New Year!