Free 2013 Calendar {with editable text areas}

After many, many, many requests I created another wonderful free 2013 calendar with editable text areas. 2013s version is completely overhauled. Besides adding a yearly overview, the layout orientation changed and there is now a notes section at the bottom of each month.  The real kicker though –  the weeks begin on Monday. With our family, school/work are Monday through Friday and fun family activities are normally planned Friday night through Sunday. I really liked the idea of keeping the weekdays and the weekends together on one happy little line.

Click here to download

Free 2013 with text Areas you can edit

Not only can you add your own text to these beauties you can also change the font, size and color!
Simply hit Crtl+E (cmd+E on Mac) or View > Tool Bars > Properties Bar

Free Calendar with Editable Text Areas

View our free 2014 calendar here

***Please note, these items are designed to be viewed in the latest version of Adobe Reader. {For all my MAC friends, the editable text areas will not work in Previewer} Click here to download Adobe Reader.

Made by 505 Design, Inc and customized by you.

Enjoy! Cathy C.


  1. 1

    DEb says

    I love love love this calendar and printed it for my teacher plan book…any chance a 2014 would be in the works? Thank you for your design talent!

  2. 2

    Lindsey says

    Do you have this with a Sunday-Saturday version, rather than the Monday-Sunday? I am in LOVE with the editable calendar idea!!! THANK YOU!!!

  3. 3

    Penny says

    I love the chevron calendar!!!! Have you thought of making one of the school year? August -July???

    LOVE IT!

  4. 4

    Katie says

    I LOVE this calendar! I have a request, though. As a homeschooling parent, I am currently searching for a 2013-2014 academic calendar. Is it possible for you to extend this particular design (editable and all) into the 2014 year so I can use it as I plan out our year? I would really appreciate it.

    Thank you so much for your time and consideration!
    ~Katie Church

  5. 5

    Cathy Robinson says

    Hi there,
    I love these calendars but as a preschool teacher, I want to teach it right. I need the months to begin with a capital letter!

    • 7

      505design says

      Yes I actually just finished up a new 2013/2014 School Year Calendar. I should have it on the website early next week as a free download!

  6. 8

    Tracy says

    Thank you!!!!!!!!! Such a great resource for busy yet professional public school teacher like me! Just subscribed to your Blog and look forward to future updates!

  7. 10


    This is so great! I saw that you just created the new 2013/2014 academic calendar (and it is beautiful!). However, I like the portrait style of this calendar as it goes nicely in a binder (a wedding binder! wooo!). Are you planning to make a 2014 version of this style?

    Thanks so much for this lovely calendar!! :)

    – Erika

  8. 13

    hannah Halverson says

    I love this calendar!!! I was wondering if you’re making another one for this year (2014)?