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Free Printable Taco Truck for Your Elf on the Shelf

Happy Taco Tuesday party peeps! We’re back with another adorable free printable for your elf on the shelf. Buddy the Elf’s favorite food includes a long line of sugar filled treats. Mine is tacos (or donuts 🍩 but more on that later 😉) so I created this North Pole Taco Truck to celebrate my love of all things south of the border. 

Free Printable Elf on the Shelf - Taco Truck

My besties babies are super picky eaters so we created this hoping that they’d at least try a taco since they were delivered all the way from the North Pole. All you need is a color printer, heavy card stock, scissors and some glue to create this adorable Elf Taco Truck. 

Elf on the Shelf Taco Truck

This free elf on the shelf printable also comes with a cute taco shaped sandwich board sign for your elf to wear and a Taco Tuesday sign.  You can attached the sign to a lollipop stick, paper straw or attach directly to the north pole taco truck.

Elf on the Shelf Taco Tuesday

15 more days left til the big guy comes and the elf’s have to return to the North Pole, good luck creating! Click here to download your free printable North Pole Taco Truck printable.

Free Printable Taco Truck for Elf on the Shelf

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Thanks for stopping by!

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Party Planning Checklist :: FREE Printable Party Planner

I am so excited to share another wonderful free printable that I have been using myself for the past couple of years.   I created this free party planning checklist to make sure I never forgot a single detail when hosting my kids birthday parties. Party planning doesn’t happen overnight.  The best way to ensure a successful party is to plan for one!!

Free Party Planning Checklist | 505-design.com

It’s no big secret that I love a good checklist and this free printable party planner will be your go-to guide for your little ones next birthday party. Whether you start planning a year or weeks in advance, start jotting down a few of the important pieces of the party puzzle. Will there be a theme? How many invitations do I need? What date should we pick? What type of food should we serve? What activities or games should the kids play?

After you figure out the party basics – Event, Party Theme, Date – move on to the guest list. For my little guy we still do a big close friends and family party. Between kids and adults it tends to be around 40+ people. I like to keep the kids/adult guest list separate for two reasons:
1. It helps to account for how much food I need and
2. So I know how many kids I need to purchase party favors for.

Tally up the number of invitations you will need to send and start shopping for the perfect invitation. I may or may not know of a super awesome place to shop for cute kids invitations…. 505 Design, Inc on Etsy!!

505 Design, Inc - Kids Party Invitations

The best part of our Free Party Planning Checklist is that the files are editable in Adobe Reader.  You can type in all your information and save the file to your computer or print off the blank party planning checklist and fill it in yourself as you go.

Editable Party Planner Pages | 505-design.com

Use this list as your go-to guide the day of the event to ensure all the food out, activities are in order and favor bags are accounted for.

I hope you enjoy using it as much as I do!

Download Our Free Party Planning Checklist Here

Free Party Planning Checklist | 505-design.com

These files are specifically designed to be used in Adobe Reader. If you are using a Mac the default program is Previewer which will not allow you to edit the text fields. Here is the link to Reader in case you do not already have the program installed. http://get.adobe.com/reader/

Open in Adobe Reader and start typing over the sample text. You can save your changes, so you can return to it later to print off.

**** If you need to change the font, size or color hit Crtl+E or CMD+E if you are using a Mac
or View > Tool Bars > Properties Bar

You cannot change the location of any of the text, fonts or graphics. You can only enter customized wording in the editable text fields.

You cannot edit/personalize on an iPad, iPhone or other mobile tablet/device.

Good luck creating!

Cathy C

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Elf on the Shelf Breakfast Printables

Our friendly little elf  is hard at work preparing for the second annual North Pole Breakfast.  My kiddies have been talking about “Chippy” nonstop for the past month, they are so gitty with excitement!  I am not exactly sure what he will bring us this year let just say it will have something to do with an Elves four main food groups – Candy, Candy Canes, Candy Corn and Syrup.  If you are planning your own Elf on the Shelf Breakfast here is a free printable I created to help you get started.

Elf on the Shelf Letter 2012

***Please note, these items are designed to be viewed in the latest version of Adobe Reader.

{For all my MAC friends, the editable text areas will not work in Previewer}
Click here to download Adobe Reader.

Enjoy! Cathy C.

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North Pole Survival Kit :: Hot Coco in a Can

Last years Holly Jolly Christmas Collection was a big hit especially the sweet North Pole Survival Kits {aka Hot Coco in a Can}.
Hot Coco - North Pole Survival Kit
I have had several requests for a tutorial and have finally distracted my children enough found some time to take pictures and write down the recipe.  The red paint canisters were purchased last year (2011) around Christmas time. I had one heck of a time finding them again until a few days ago I spotted those suckers down the dollar aisle at Target and stocked up! It’s a super simple recipe and they make great teacher gifts.

Hot Coco Recipe

Here is what you will need:

Hot Chocolate Mix
Milk Chocolate Chips
Peppermint Candies
Marshmallows (Regular or Peppermint)
Canister or Glass Jar

Thoroughly wash and dry your canister/glass jar

  1. Unwrap 10 peppermint candies and either crush in plastic bag using meat mallet or chop using a food processor. Set aside.
  2. Add 6 Packs of Hot Chocolate Mix then lightly tap canister on the counter to flatten out chocolate mix. Wipe the inside of canister with a dry paper towel to remove any coco dust from the side.
  3. Add crushed peppermint (about 1/4 cup). Same thing tap canister to flatten peppermint layer.
  4. Carefully add 1/3 Cup of Milk Chocolate Chips starting with the outside and filling in the center.
  5. Fill the rest of the container with marshmallows.

I made a few different version and noted the recipes below.

Hot Chocolate

Target’s Painter Can
Hot Chocolate in a Can

Same Recipe as Above: 6 Packets of Hot Chocolate, 1/4 Cup Crushed Peppermint, 1/3 Cup Milk Chocolate Chips and fill the rest with Marshmallows

Mini Mason Jar

 Hot Chocolate in a Jar

2 Packets of Hot Chocolate, 1/8 of a Cup of Milk Chocolate Chips and fill the rest with Marshmallows

Mason Jars

Peppermint Hot Chocolate in a Jar

 4 Packets of Hot Chocolate, 1/4 Cup Crushed Peppermint, 1/3 Cup Milk Chocolate Chips and fill the rest with Peppermint Marshmallows

North Pole Survival Kit Download

Click here to download the free North Pole Survival Kit Circles

enjoy! Cathy C.

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Free Pirate Printable + Layered Cupcake Tutorial

I am so thankful to have been asked to participate in the give away from A to Zebra Celebrations.  I wanted to give a “little” back to all of our new facebook fan so I created these miniature triangle bunting banner.

Layered Cupcake + Free Pirate Printable

Yesterday while my little ones were napping, I made adorable red and white layered cupcakes using red velvet & french vanilla cake mix.

Red Velvet Cake Mix
After mixing up both batters, I spooned about 1 tablespoons of red velvet mix in to the bottom of cupcake baking cup.

Layered Cupcakes

Next, do the same using the French Vanilla batter making sure the mix reaches the sides and completely covers the bottom layer.

Layered Cupcakes

Repeat the previous step using the Red Velvet mix and place cupcakes in the oven.

Layered Cupcakes

Once the cupcakes cool a little frosting and a quick dip in some sand {crunched up graham crackers}.

then add the chocolate treasure chest {Hershey Nugget} and our free mini Pirate Banner.

Pirate Cupcakes + Free Printables

Ta-dah, super cute Pirate Cupcakes that your little Matey will love! {I used bakers twine and two lollipop sticks to attach the mini-bunting banner}

Download your free mini pirate bunting banner here.

Free Printable Mini Pirate Bunting Banner


Enjoy! Cathy C.