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Please Welcome….Monica to the 505 Design+Paperie Team

Over the last year I’ve had the pleasure of working with some amazingly creative people who have the most unbelievable parties. I have been promising these wonderful ladies that I would share their party photos – and I have yet to do so.

Well, the time has come to expand my business and I could not think of a better person to work with then my dear friend Monica at Andary Studio. She will now be in charge of all the photo editing for your party submissions – I’m giving her the fancy title of Chief Photo Editor for 505 Design+Paperie;-)

Monica, does an amazing job of capturing beautiful images. She will be cleaning up all the photos and getting them ready for the website.  We have quite the line up of parties, from an Engagement Party in Brazil to a Baseball party from a customer right in my backyard (literally less than a mile away and she had no clue when she place the order).

 If you live in the Metro Detroit Area and are interested in a photographer – you will not be disappointed. Stop by and vistit her on Facebook

Our first feature starts tomorrow, see you then! Cathy C.

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