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Organize Your Pantry like a Pro – How to Organize your Kitchen like “The Home Edit”

Raise your hand if you binge watched Get Organized with the Home Edit on Netflix 🙋🏻‍♀️ I have actually followed them for a few years on Instagram, read their first book and bought a ton of their products from the Container Store last year. The first thing I tackled after reading The Home Edit: A Guide to Organizing and Realizing Your House Goals was completely re-organizing my kitchen. I have to say that their system of organizing has made a world of difference in keeping our kitchen cabinets and pantry tidy. Here is a list of all the products that worked for me in keeping our kitchen organized and clean.

  1. Small Clear Bin for Cabinets 10″ Deep – I use these in my upper cabinets of all our spices
  2. Glass Spice Jars – These square glass spice jars fit perfect in the small bins
  3. Lid Organizer – Tips for having a tidy Tupperware drawer – stack items together by shape and use this lid organizer
  4. White Metal Basket – I use a similar metal basket for all of my onions and potatoes
  5. Lazy Susan Organizer – Our Lazy Susan was full of random kids cups and lunch box, now it stores all of our cooking supplies with these triangle bins.
  6. Acrylic Drawer – Store dishwasher pods, rubber gloves and extra wash clothes under the sink using these clear stackable shoe bins
  7. Natural Woven Basket – Perfect for storing back stock items or use on top of your cabinets as decorative storing for kitchen items you don’t use often like Christmas cookie cutters
  8. Bamboo Drawer Dividers – Keep your utensil drawer in check with drawer dividers
  9. Food Storage Containers – The flip lids make them easy to open close making them great air tight containers for storing snack foods
  10. Clear Bins 16″ Deep – Extra deep bins are prefect for pantry storage or lower cabinet storage

Here is a few snaps of our pantry, I used the 16″ Deep Clear Bins to store snacks, pastas and back stock items.

I love these Food Storage Containers because I would often over buy snack food. Have a specific number of containers keeps me check while grocery shopping, plus the clear containers lets me see what we are low on.

I love to cook and have a ton of spices, herbs and seasonings. I’ve tried pull down organizers and tiered spice racks to get my spice cabinet in order. The problem was they took up too much space and limited the amount of spices and seasonings I could store. These small clear bins are 10″ deep and fit perfectly in upper cabinets.

Good luck organizing your kitchen!

Love, Cathy