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2013-2014 School Year Printable Calendar :: Free Download

School is back in session and my mind is filled with a million things to remember – times two.  Last year I drove myself crazy trying to keep a handle on which days to return library books, pack gym shoes, turn in homework, pack a lunch or buy lunch, bagel day, half days or early dismissals – it was all too intense. When I inevitably forgot something – which I did several times – my Type A personality had a near melt down.  After months of going off the deep end we installed a school drop zone in the den (more on that later).   The most crucial part of our Kiddie Command Center is my beloved calendar, this beauty keeps me on track like nobodies business.

Editable School Calendar by 505-design.com

In a nut shell here is how I organize our printable calendar.

1. I use the initials of each child to determine which kiddo has something to do on any given day.

2. I write all important dates for the whole year – school breaks, half days and so forth.  Both of my kids teachers happen to give us a sheet at the beginning of the year – super helpful for this OCD mom.

3. Every month I sit down and fill out school specials (which change quarterly for my oldest), hot lunch schedule, snack days for my little guy, the dates and times of any sports they are playing and so on.

4. I print it out and post it on the cork board – any birthday invites or schedule changes are written in by hand.

The editable calendar is honestly a lifesaver for keeping me on track of multiple schedules.  I hope you find it just as useful.

Free 2013-2014 Calendar by 505-design.com

Download the 2013-2014 School Year Calendar

Not only can you add your own text to these beauties you can also change the font, size and color!
Simply hit Crtl+E (cmd+E on Mac) or View > Tool Bars > Properties Bar

View our free 2014 calendar here

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Enjoy! Cathy C